Cz znacie Featurepics?

czy ktoś z Was ma PF w Featurepics?
Jak ze sprzedażą zdjęć, czy w ogóle "coś" się tam dzieje?
Cytat:FeaturePics Management thanks you for your support over the past several years. We have invested a lot of time over the years without significant money returns. We have decided to wind down FeaturePics to pursue other opportunities.
We understand that some of you have earned royalties in your FeaturePics account, and we intend to pay these. To make this possible we plan to continue to operate FeaturePics for the next four to six months on a limited basis so everybody has time to post payment requests.
We are not planning to accept new images during this time. When we close FeaturePics, the images and our multiple sets of backups that you have uploaded will be deleted as the final step.

Może mało popularny stock, ale był z nami od 2006 do 2021

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