Submission of content comprising Kikkoman Products
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Dear Contributors, 

In light of the above, 123RF would like to inform all our Contributors to not submit any content containing or pertaining to Kikkoman products and design. 

Content comprised of or containing Kikkoman Bottle and Cap Design, the wording KIKKOMAN, the Hexagon and Kanji Design, and other registered elements used in connection with Kikkoman’s products, should not be submitted, and be removed if previously submitted without any delay. Also note that full responsibility will be beared by the Contributor should any of their content are still available, displayed and available for licensing on 123RF after this notification should Kikkoman decides to take further legal action. 

Further details of Kikkoman Brand's Trademark and Patent can be found here: 

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Submission of content comprising Kikkoman Products - przez januszt25 - 2016-03-08, 16:01:07

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