PSC - photo requests do końca maja
Może was zainteresują requesty z PSC, dlatego zamieszczam (ja sam wszystkich tematów nie wystrzelam więc też podejrzewam że chleba mi z rąk nie wyrwiecie Icon_razz). Jak zrobicie jakieś prace w podanych tematach to najlepiej wrzucić je na licencji RM ( dlatego, że szanse na taką sprzedaż w tych przypadkach są dużo wyższe).

Cytat:RESEARCH REQUEST EXAMPLES – here are some research requests we got in 1Q to
provide a sense of what buyers are looking for (note the range and
specificity). We are not recommending you take this list as a shot list – we
will formally communicating priority content needs within the next month –
this is just to give you a sense of the requests we are getting:

- Doctors in lab coats and doctors with patients (we get so many of these
- Multicultural Healthcare (so many of these requests! always remember to
use different ethnicities of people as models if possible)
- Anything illustrating green foods/organic farming
- 20-something spendthrifts
- Weird foods
- Yellow cab with ad space on top to insert client copy
- Public bathrooms (this was for a major advertising project)
- People in front of a home
- Insomnia
- Non-American beauty ideals
- Images representing dichotomies/opposing concepts
- Business Images (so many requests – keep multicultural models in mind with
these too)
- Dancers/People Stretching (major ad campaign)
- People b/w 25-35 partying (think major liquor clients – beer and tequila
brands, etc.)
- 20-something hip male sleeping on subway
- Hotel doorknobs
- Woman holding apple in hand
- Turkey travel scenes – café
- Person handing over business to adult child. Multi-ethnic preferred.
- Woman taking calcium or bottle of calcium pills
- Woman looking thru paperwork/insurance papers
- Umpire calling a baseball game. Mask close-up.
- Canadian beaches
- Young girl (2-5) looking at camera smiling
- High school age multi-ethnic kids, in classroom reading; interactive tech
- Woman walking away with purse over her shoulder
- Ft. Worth skyline
- College-aged kid text messaging


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