Oil Mist Collection in stock
Model:LB-Y oil mist purifier
This product is designed for three-stage filtration. The first-stage filtration adopts gas-liquid sintered mesh coated PTFE membrane, with smooth surface and strong oil absorption, which can be washed and used repeatedly. The second stage filtration is a special primary-effect filtration felt, and the third stage is a high-efficiency activated carbon layer to remove peculiar smell. The whole machine is beautiful in appearance, convenient to install and use, and obvious in soot removal effect.
Application range锛?/strong>
This equipment can be used for cutting oil, diesel oil and synthetic cooling liquid as oil mist and water mist generated during processing of cooling liquid.
Technical parameter:
ModelAir volume锛坢3/h锛?/strong>filtration efficiency%power锛圞W锛?/strong>VoltageV/HZmmexternal dimensions锛圠*M*H锛?/strong>Noise dB(A)
LB-Y2400240099%2.2380/501025*650*775鈮?2Oil Mist Collection in stock

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