Grain Dryer quotation
Product Description
Megasun Series low temperature circulation dryer is a new type of drying equipment, mainly used for drying rice, wheat, barley, corn and other food crops, as well as grain seeds. It can effectively remove the moisture in the grain and realize mass storage. The drying equipment is widely used in grain depot, rice processing, seed industry, etc.
1. Low temperature, big air volume circulating type drying process. Long temping time, thin grain layer to keep paddy vitality, improve paddy palatability.
2. Computer monitoring drying process to ensure the best drying efficiency. Grain temperature, hot air temperature and moisture detection are totally controlled by PLC.
3. Double detection and display for Air temperature ( hot air temperature 38鈩?55鈩? and grain temperature (鈮?5鈩?. High accuracy of temperature control, and 100% suitable for high dryer performance requirement.
4. Equipped with high accuracy moisture detector, automatic detect grain moisture. Monitoring moisture percentage in the whole course, when the moisture percentage is satisfied, dryer will stop automatically.
5. Equipped with Low speed, big power elevator. Fast load and unload speed, low broken generation.
6. Loading design: distribution plate to increase uniformity degree of dryer, differ from normal nature drop.
7. Unloading design: single screw type patent design, high efficiency and low fault rate.
8. Cordwood style design, full assembly structure, easy to maintain.
9. Good corrosion resistance, drying section equipped with 430# stainless steel screen, 1.6mm carbon alloys side plate to ensure useful life more than 15 years.
10. Special design in drying section and dryer, no dirt retention, easy to clean and repair.
11. when circulate chain is damaged due to wear, the power will be switch off to avoid fair disaster result from idle running.
12. Elevator switch off time is 15 seconds, to ensure all the grain be conveyed and avoid grain blocking.
13. 1800mm big drying layer to increase drying performance.
14. Patented design fan: Low noise, double layers impeller, light metal alloy, exhaust air uniformly, long useful life.
Technical Parameter
Capacity (Tons, Paddy 580kg/m3)202530325075100130
SizeHeight (mm)87409960111801179013130156501817021350
Length X Width (mm)4830 x 38509323 x 64007843 x 7214
Voltage380V 50HZ
Feeding (Min)3847576143648563
Drying rate(%/h)0.8%-1%1%-2%
Safety deviceOverload protection, full load alarm, fixed time switch, temperature control, chain break inspection, control fuse etc
Standard equipmentMoisture automatic meter, feeding hopper, duster
OptionsGravity discharge function, husk furnace
Product Picture
Packing and Delivery
For safety transportation purpose, we use standard exporting packing for all the machines. Packing method such as wood box/tray, steel box/tray etc, to ensure the machine will be reached to you safely.
Our Service
[Consulting Service] Our consultant provides you with pre-sales expertise consulting services, system evaluation, providing the best engineering solution
[Engineering Service] Set up special project team of technical, installation and sales for you. to design, install and commissioning a complete set of equipments, whole process tracking service.
[Training Service] Our experts in technology and management provide you long term production, operation, management, maintenance and other professional skills training, to help you train operation, technology, management personnel.
[Spare Part Service] We provides high-quality and reliable original accessories. And the service centers also keep store of a certain number of common accessories to meet the demand of rapid supply.
[Site service] Our service engineer goes deep into your site to solve practical problems. Conduct on-site training on the use of products and seek for improvement of a new way of thinking and method to reduce cost and increase efficiency.Grain Dryer quotation

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