Desiccant Masterbatch
Moisture Absorbent Masterbatch manufacturer
Application method:
It could be used directly by mixing the masterbatch and the damp plastic raw material uniformly. For the blow molding, the adding ratio is 1%~2%. For the sheet or injection molding, the adding ratio is 2%~5%. The specific adding ratio is decided by the water content in the plastic.

Widely used in mold products,bag products,sheet products and injection molding products.

1. Avoid the masterbatch is damped before using.
2. Once mixed with raw material, use it in time.
3.The masterbatch cannot be heated or dried together with the damp plastic, avoiding some bad influence of the quality for the products.
4.Check and confirm if the package was well sealed. Once opened, use it asap or heat sealed for the balance.

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